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Since you’re here you most likely own a Cirrus or manage the maintenance of one.  So, please look around to see how we may serve you and your Cirrus.

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The Owner

Luke Davidson, owner of Davidson Aviation is a third generation mechanic, which all started when he was in grade school where he worked with his Dad on cars, motorcycles, and tractors.  He developed a passion for machinery and enjoyed the challenge of troubleshooting problems that came with operation.  Luke attended Spartan College of Aeronautics where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management and graduated with highest honors.  He holds an Inspection Authorization and is factory trained by Cirrus and Continental Motors.  When Luke is not working on Airplanes, he enjoys building vintage cars and motorcycles with his wife Sarah and their dog George.  


About Us

Factory trained by Cirrus Aircraft & Continental Motors

Davidson Aviation, unlike most aviation companies, inspects, maintains and repairs only Cirrus Aircraft.  This enables us to remain focused and abreast of specific maintenance practices and new changes and advancements on the airframe and engines. 

Davidson Aviation provides technical services to, and is endorsed by, Authorized Service Centers around Texas. 

 Our goal is to provide a first class service tailored to individual customer requests.

We are mobile!

We realize one of the main reasons you fly a Cirrus is to save time traveling.  We can free up a lot more of that valuable resource by coming to you.  

Let us come to you rather than spending it transitioning your airplane from one hangar to another, then back.

We can provide services for just about all your unscheduled and scheduled maintenance events remotely.  If you prefer, we also have a hangar at Fox Stevens Field in Gilmer, TX (KJXI). 

Fuel Set Up


Detailed and versed on fuel systems

Most pilots, owners and managers don’t understand the significance of how ambient temperatures impact in fuel/air ratio delivery.  

If your Annual/100hr was done in late October last year through June this year, you most likely need a fuel pressure, mixture and/or a manifold pressure adjustment (if equipped with a turbo system).  Temperatures fluctuate dramatically from these months to now (August) and will change the fuel delivery and/or manifold pressure your Continental is receiving. 

We are equipped with the proper fuel setup equipment required by the current Continental M-O Maintenance Manual to dial in your Continental.  Most maintainers do not understand the system, but we do.  

Continentals need the correct amount of fuel to function and operate properly.  Maintaining these fuel perameters will allow for longer cylinder replacment times and TBO.  

Let us come to you and show you the difference!

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Davidson Aviation

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